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VIVERE by Calzà, Geniuzzi, and Banal Architetti Associati


VIVERE is a project for Whiteline Hotels by trioCalzà, Geniuzzi, and Banal Architetti Associati. Bold, crisp, unimposing, yet every bit subtle and sophisticated, Vivere lets the landscapes carved by the glaciers take a Zen-like centre stage, mindfully complementing + respecting the surrounds with a fabulously modernist low-rise build.



“Crisp, cuboid structures frame the ancient vineyards, whilst generous open spaces dissolve the barriers of the internal and external – allowing nature to flood the place with the scents, sights + sounds. We loved the contrasts and the clever usage of local stonewalling with rusted steel panels – raw elements that act as a protective skin whilst lending an appearance of age, substance and seriousness.”



“Here you naturally sense that you are close to Lake Garda at the foothills of the Arco Mountains and you sense that this is a private place crafted with passion and respect.”



















All images © Calzà, Geniuzzi, and Banal Architetti Associati

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VIVERE by Calzà, Geniuzzi, and Banal Architetti Associati

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A 100% GREEN HOUSE by Denieuwegeneratie


clippings : Nestled in nature, but close enough to Amsterdam, the house is 100% green and resembles a playground full of droll but hyper-functional details. Here is just one example – the residential part has a small window which opens directly onto the barn, so that you can check for fresh eggs for breakfast.








All Images © Denieuwegeneratie

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A 100% GREEN HOUSE by Denieuwegeneratie

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THE NOLITAN HOTEL by Grzywinski+Pons


WeHeart : There’s sumptuous luxury, there’s du jour style, there’s indulgence and sophistication, and there’s the location; North Of Little Italy – bordered by SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, the Bowery and the Lower East Side – is definitely one of Manhattan’s hippest spots.

 All Images © Grzywinski+Pons Ltd

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The Nolitan Hotel



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THE NOLITAN HOTEL by Grzywinski+Pons

Lens House Extension by Alison Brooks Architects


hqroom: Lens House project was presented by the studio Alison Brooks Architects . The private house of 400 square meters. meters, built in London in the XIX century, the extension was added in 70 squares. The project was spent £ 700,000. The new part of the residence is represented by two blocks, which with its modern appearance and unusual geometry contrasting look at the background of the historical facade of the villa in the Victorian style. In one of them designed by the office, while others advocate a continuation of the living room, located on the first floor of the main building.















All Images © Alison Brooks Architects

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Lens House Extension by Alison Brooks Architects