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Mary Rose Museum by Wilkinson Eyre and Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will

Award-winning architects bring the Mary Rose back to life and create a new centrepiece for Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard

The design of the new £27m Mary Rose Museum – by Wilkinson Eyre Architects (architect and design team leader) and Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will (architect for the interior) – is a story of collaboration, with the project team combining delicate conservation, contemporary architecture and specialist technical expertise. The result is a truly unique design that reveals the secrets of the famous Tudor ship, marking 30 years since the hull of the Mary Rose was raised from the Solent where she lay undiscovered for 437 years.

Like crafting a jewellery box to house a precious gem, the design team has together created a building and interior that protects and showcases the Mary Rose. Designed from the inside-out, the Museum building takes many of its cues from the historic ship, allowing its hull, artefacts and exhibitions to take centre stage and create a visitor experience befitting this remarkable piece of history.

At the heart of the project, within a carefully controlled ‘hot box’ environment, is the starboard section of the hull of the Mary Rose. Alongside it, a virtual port-side hull has been created over three levels to view the ship and house the context gallery. Encasing the Mary Rose and the largest collection of Tudor artefacts in the world is an architectural form that alludes to the historic significance of the Museum’s collection and announces the arrival of a major new cultural attraction.

Chris Wilkinson, Founding Director at Wilkinson Eyre Architects, said: “When you have a treasure like the Mary Rose, which continues to capture the world’s imagination, the architecture of the building takes a supporting role. However, the building has a very significant part to play in projecting the Museum and its remarkable collection to the world, creating intrigue and heightening the visitor experience of this major cultural attraction.”

Chris Brandon, Principal of Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will (PBP+W), said: “This museum is unique – the only one in the world to take its inspiration from the archaeological finds of the Mary Rose and the ship herself. Our role was to create a showcase for The Mary Rose and her artefacts befitting their significance, so we designed a museum that would recreate the experience of being on board the ship hundreds of years ago and created a context gallery to highlight its precious contents. Coming from a marine archaeological background, finally I can unite my two passions in life – architecture and marine archaeology. I hope visitors to the Mary Rose Museum are as excited by the end result as I am.”

The architecture

When working with such a fascinating artefact like the Mary Rose, the architecture needs to complement rather than distract. In this case, the challenge was finding the right architectural language to help articulate the story being told by the Museum, whilst adding a confident piece of contemporary architecture to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The simple, pure elliptical form of the new building is derived from toroidal geometry echoing the shape of the Mary Rose; its timber is reminiscent of the ship’s historic hull, showcasing the innovative Carvel construction methods of the 16th Century. Further embedding the building in its maritime heritage, the timber has been stained black to reflect England’s vernacular boat shed architecture. ­­

The challenges of the site’s historic context, adjacent to HMS Victory and the listed Admiralty buildings, are compounded by the nature of the site itself: a late 18th Century Dry Dock that is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Care has been taken to keep the height of the Museum as low as possible to remain sensitive to the proportions and scale of the surrounding buildings. The low-profile, shell-shaped metal roof follows this logic and reduces the internal volume of space which has to be environmentally controlled to precise standards to ensure the conservation of the hull.

Two rectangular pavilions are attached to each side of the main building, one housing the main entrance reception, café and shop, and the other occupied by the Learning Centre and main plant room. The overall composition is a piece of contemporary architecture, an elegantly simple form with an air of mystery that encourages visitors to enter and explore.

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Mary Rose Museum by Wilkinson Eyre and Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will

CONCURS DESIGN CREATIV DE TRICOU - colectare separata si reciclare a deseurilor de ambalaje

Anul acesta se poartă trendul ECO, la propriu. Pentru că este mai mult decât un stil de viață sănătos, organizația Eco-Rom Ambalaje, în parteneriat cu Universitatea Națională de Arte București (UNArte), au lansat concursul ,,Design de tricou pe tema colectării separate și a reciclării deșeurilor de ambalaje”.

Astfel, tot ce trebuie să faci este să îmbini creativitatea cu designul și tema protecției mediului și să intri în concurs. Dacă ai între 18 și 26 de ani, trimite propunerea ta de design de tricou pe tema colectării separate și a reciclării deșeurilor de ambalaje, în perioada 25 mai – 23 iunie 2013, și ai șansa ca tricoul creat de tine să fie purtat în cadrul tuturor acțiunilor de informare și educare a populației privind colectarea separată și reciclarea deșeurilor de ambalaje.

,,Acest proiect este mai mult decât un concurs de artă și design. Este, daca vreți, o modalitate creativă de a educa și implica tinerii în procesul de colectare separată a deșeurilor de ambalaje. Astfel, prin acest concurs si prin evenimentele la care promoterii nostri vor purta tricourile cu designul castigator – la concerte, festivaluri, pe litoral sau in campaniile de constientizare – ne dorim ca din ce în ce mai mulți tineri să înțeleagă importanța reciclării deșeurilor de ambalaje și, mai mult decât atât, să își însușească gestul colectării separate drept un obicei cotidian”  a declarat Sorin Cristian Popescu, Director General Eco-Rom Ambalaje.

Alături de șansa ca designul tău să contribuie la educația publicului privind colectarea separată și reciclarea deșeurilor de ambalaje, vei primi garantat 500 de euro, iar  participanţii  clasaţi pe locurile II şi III vor câştiga 300 şi, respectiv, 200 de euro.

Mai multe detalii despre proiect, regulamentul concursului, precum şi informaţii interesante despre colectarea separată a deşeurilor de ambalaje poți afla accesând site-ul


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CONCURS DESIGN CREATIV DE TRICOU - colectare separata si reciclare a deseurilor de ambalaje

Milky Chance - Down By The River (FlicFlac Edit)

While Milky Chance sings through spirits of indie music, FlicFlac invites them for a dance they certainly wont leave without enjoyment!

Austrian duet FlicFlac added a little house beat and reworked the original track to create a minimalistic subtle house tune that moves. Another one for the list of their great remixes.

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Milky Chance - Down By The River (FlicFlac Edit)

Daydreams by Jason Miller Studio

Imagine yourself somewhere else. Daydreams take you there. Daydreams are mirrors with a printed image. When viewed, the printed image and the reflected image merge, visually transporting the viewer into an imaginary landscape.













About Jason Miller Studio

Jason Miller Studio was founded in 2001. Jason’s designs often draw on everyday aspects of contemporary American culture to create objects that are sometimes as much conceptual art as they are contemporary design. He has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in Tokyo, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto. The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum included Jason in 2006′s “Design Life Now, The National Design Triennial.” Jason has been featured in numerous publications including ELLE Decor, World of Interiors, and Wallpaper* magazine, which named him one of the “Best Breakthrough Designers” in 2007. He was named “Designer of the Year” by the Brooklyn Museum in 2010. His work is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design, the Corning Museum of Glass and the Brooklyn Museum. As a compliment to his studio, Jason recently founded Roll & Hill, a contemporary lighting company producing work by a select group of designers. Jason is the Creative Director and CEO. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Images © Joseph De Leo and Jeffrey Schad


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Daydreams by Jason Miller Studio

Patrik Schumacher[Zaha Hadid]: special guest Dynamic Fields(Romania,16-29 July)

Parametrica [Digi Fab School] from Bucharest, Romania, invites you to DYNAMIC FIELDS Workshop and Conference (16 – 29 July to participate in the digital design build project, seeking to create an inventive collaborative environment. The workshop is part of a series of PARAMETRICA events, promoting computational design thinking and exploring the new possibilities of parametric design.

The workshop is aimed at: students, postgraduates, architects, interior, product and urban designers, engineers, anybody interested.

> WORKSHOP CONCEPT (16th – 28th July 2013) <

The future of structures lies in their ability to utilize and respond to the energy which exists in the environment surrounding them. In this 14 day workshop the various energy fields which exist in a given environment will be identified, analyzed and then simulated, after which experimental structures will be generated and fabricated such that their performance will act as a continuous real-time response to these environmental parameters.

> CONFERENCE CONCEPT (29th July 2013) <

During this day we will present the final workshop projects and our special guest, Patrik Schumacher will exploit the subject of computational design thinking and parametric architecture.


The workshop objectives are two-fold, in the first phase the workshop focuses on the identification and analysis of resources inherent to the environmental context, thus developing a better understanding of their nature as well as optimized methods of use or response. In the next phase, the objective is to generate structures which through either means of fabrication or material properties can respond to, or utilize the environmental energy sources.




Conference lecturer:


Director, Zaha Hadid Architects, London; Dr Phil, Dip Ing, ARB, RIBA and Founder AA Design Reseach Lab London





Lecturer: Ina Leonte (RO)

PhDc, teaching assistant (UAUIM, Bucharest, Romania) and Co-founder, Zest







MArch (AADRL, London), MSc (AUT, Tehran) and Lead Designer, Zaha Hadid – London








MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain), Digital Fabrication & parametric design expert and Tutor, Parametrica





MArch (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain) and  Co-founder, Tehran Architecture Studio (Iran)







MAA 2010 – Architect (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain) and Parametric design expert




Workshop coordinator and assistant:


Diana Nitreanu (RO)

MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain), Official Rhino Trainer,Co-founder, Laboratorul de Arhitectura; Co-founder & Tutor, Parametrica





Each participant must provide their own laptop with the following software installed: A. Rhinoceros 3D 5.0 B. Grasshopper 3D (Latest Version) C. Arduino

Machines to work on: 1. Laser Cutter – small laser for prototyping 2. Big laser cutter for final production. Materials (provided by Parametrica [digi fab school]) – To be specified according to the subject of study for each group;


WEEK 1 WORKSHOP (16th-21th July, from 8am – 6pm)


Audience: 50 participants


Workshop introduction

Mid Presentation

Critic Desk

Rhino Introduction

Grasshopper Introduction

WEEK 2 WORKSHOP (22th-28th July, from 8am – 6pm)


Audience: 50 participants


Fabrication Techniques

Desk Critics

Q&A with Patrick Schumacher

Final Presentation

Patrick Schumacher (lecture and open debate), 29th July

Projects Exhibition


Lecture – Early bird 50 EUR (until 31st May), Late bird 75 EUR (until 26th of July). Lecture prices include presentations, food & drinks.
Workshop – Early bird 200 EUR (until 31st May), Late bird 300 EUR (until 26th of July). Workshop prices include lecture access, workshop materials,drinks.

The prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT! For more info, visit: To book your seat, please register at:

All info courtesy of Parametrica [Digi Fab School]


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Patrik Schumacher[Zaha Hadid]: special guest Dynamic Fields(Romania,16-29 July)

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Bordelle by Alexandra Popa

 Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in women’s lingerie and bodywear that combines true craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs that toy with themes of seduction and domination. The Bordelle aesthetic is characterized by body-con silhouettes and rooted in a proprietary technique that blends customized satin elastic bands with an array of fabrics to create iconic pieces featuring a ‘luxury S&M’ sensuality.

United in vision and driven to break the boundaries of design and construction convention, the Bordelle team, headed by Founder and Creative Director Alexandra Popa, conceptualize, design and handcraft iconic pieces from within the buzzing hub of their atelier. Their collections are predominantly atelier made, with a selection of styles being produced with one of the UK’s most established lingerie manufacturers.

Romanian Alexandra Popa has already dressed Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears ( for “Circus Tour”), Christina Aguilera (for “Burlesque”) and many more.










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Bordelle by Alexandra Popa