miercuri, 4 decembrie 2013

Rainy Pot by Seungbin Jeong

Enjoy the scene of raindrops for your plant when you pour water on the ‘Rainy Pot’ and its adorable design makes a great interior decoration. It has two great benefits. The first one is emotionality. The plants in natural environment grow healthily by fresh raindrops showered down from clouds. But the plants that are removed from natural environment to indoors are watered by people instead of natural raindrops.

The Rainy Pot serves to create a similar environment as in nature that encourages childlike emotions to grownups and playfully educates children the ecological movement of nature. The other one is functionality. In general the plants that are grown indoors have weak and shallow roots. When too much water is given, the plants too get stressed and the roots decomposes and dies. When people water their plants at home it is quite the hassle having to move the plants outside to prevent the mess from spilling and leaking. However, the Rainy Pot holds the water in its cloud-shaped tub and provides even amount of water drops in timely fashion. The Rainy Pot helps the users watering the plants with hassle-free and keeps the beauty and health of the plants.



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Rainy Pot by Seungbin Jeong

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