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LOGIFACES - Concrete puzzle designed by architects

LOGIFACES is a new puzzle made of concrete that is a great decoration for a home or office with a challenge from the world of 3D modeling.  It’s a unique mix of digital and analogue design, touching on a very current subject about how the ever digitalizing world effects our everyday lives and aesthetic.  Concrete in interior design has been an emerging trend for a few years, but this idea puts a spin on it by making the concept into a game.

LOGIFACES is a set of 16 prisms, each with different top angles, hand-poured from concrete. There is only one rule to the game: Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to form a continuous surface.

The 16­piece set contains 11 different types of prisms, each of them identifiable by the height of their three vertices. For those who love puzzles, this concept might be familiar from the world of contemporary games like color­ or number­coded versions of LOGIFACES, or even ancient toys like Tangram. But LOGIFACES is a whole new experience by creating these challenges in the 3D world. The simple rule of only putting matching heights next to each other is an opportunity for many situations to play LOGIFACES. Some prefer to use it to let go of everyday stress alone, some find that it helps them develop their creative thinking skills by figuring out solutions to given forms like the equilateral triangle, and some like to tackle this challenge with a group, even competing in the speed of solving the game. And for experienced gamers, there’s the most advanced challenged: figuring out the exact number of solutions to a given form. What might seem like a simple game at first glance, turns out to keep busy everyone at all ages.

Though the first designs were created for a set made of wood, the inventors’ accidental meeting with the VPI Hungarian Concrete Manufactory gave them the idea of using one of the up­and­coming materials of contemporary design. The new material just gave the game that special finish it needed to capture the essence of the concept. Thus taking the LOGIFACES puzzle experience to a new level with its different touch and mass. The specialty of the game lies in the special recipe and the Manufactory that pours, grinds and polishes each set by hand, making each set unique. With this recipe, they offer the concrete sets in three different colors: Marble White, Basalt Grey and Charcoal Black. Packaging was also important in creating the best experience, especially because LOGIFACES is not only a toy, it’s also great for decorating a home or office, when you’re not playing with it. That’s how the idea came up to create a box, that allows users to see the essence of the game even when it’s packed in the box.










Info and images courtesy of Logifaces

LOGIFACES - Concrete puzzle designed by architects

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