joi, 8 ianuarie 2015

Pino Street House by Oscar Gutiérrez

Located in an environment dominated by self-built homes between the Guadalajara City limits and the rural landscape, this house meets the needs of a small family with an active social life. The design strategy was to assign most of the built area to the ground level allowing the existence of uncovered areas in the upper level. The built volume is concentrated towards the southeast boundary, creating access to the most attractive views of the natural landscape and proper basking.

The house is divided by a courtyard that creates parallel paths between social and family life, while also creating a feeling of amplitude. It provides privacy to each individual volume of the house. The ground floor breaks off in platforms adapted to natural terrain. These platforms revolve around the yard and have different uses and atmospheres.

The upper level consists of three blocks that open onto the landscape: Two rooms that are articulated by a hallway and a staircase, a terrace and balcony that establishes a relationship between the garden and the courtyard on the ground level, in conjunction create a linear sequence of open spaces.



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Pino Street House by Oscar Gutiérrez

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