joi, 24 iulie 2014

Wood Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

The artist Paul Kaptein based in Australia creates woodcarving lifelike limewood, very similar with the modern-day Geppetto, Gehard Demetz. Kaptein’s work is generally figurative, very realistic representations of people often dressed in a hooded cowl, exploring the notion of the now as a remix of past and future potentialities.

During the routine prosecution of its duties, the Western Australia Police often comes into possession of numbers of weapons, including firearms and knives.  These lethal technologies are systematically dismantled and sawn up for safe disposal as scrap metal. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for artists to not only to work with unusual materials, but to use negative connoted objects and take them somewhere sociologically, philosophically or politically interesting.









 All Images © Paul Kaptein

Wood Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

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