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Bearable discomfort - Inactivité by Benoit Malta

Benoit Malta: ‘The aim of this project is to avoid as much as possible stationary postures and promote mobility. My will is to introduce a “bearable discomfort” for our well-being. I decided to work on different typical situations at home in which it would be interesting to insert physical activity. The aim of the project, beyond the idea of promoting mobility, is to raise awareness of people about their bodies.’

‘Nowadays, we don’t actually “use” the objects, we control them. The interaction with them has impoverished over time. Switches, taps, valves, remotes can attest of that. I want to imagine new gestures in order to awaken our bodies. This lamp is inspired by Roman scales. It introduces another gesture in an everyday situation and offers a different perception of the object.’

‘Through this project, my approach tends to modify our home space perception by shaking up the codes and habits that have been naturally established for years. Inspired by climbing holds, this tidy mades of several storages surfaces place at different heights allows to stretch. ‘




‘This chair propose an other way to sit. Its structure built on only two feets allows to stimulate different parts of the body through a passive situation. This bearable discomfort permits to adopt the best posture on the chair. ‘





Info and images © Benoit Malta

Bearable discomfort - Inactivité by Benoit Malta

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