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A freely floating staircase that defies gravity at Bazar Noir by Hidden Fortress

In October 2014, at Kreuzbergstrasse 78 in Berlin, a new concept store named Bazar Noir opened its doors to the public for the first time to showcase its selections of hand-picked objects and interior accessories that targets lovers of design who enjoy to decorate their homes with extra-ordinary unique pieces from around the world.

The color black is the anchor in the concept work for the store. The challenge was to realize the same tone/tint in a variety of surfaces, materials and production methods. The special presentation of the 2nd floor was achieved by separating it in a stark contrast from the rest of the store. Using maritime pine as a main component provides a strong image due to its large grain, in its original color light white/yellowish as well as in tinted black. While it became the main material for the upper floor in its original color, it was also used in black for most of the furniture of the main floor. Thus the upper floor with its strongly different atmosphere could at the same time be integrated and separated from the darker main floor. To this play of black and white, elements of copper, glass and high-quality fabrics were added, resulting in an overall warm and cozy atmosphere in spite of the strong minimalism of the store interior.

Another pillar of the strong symbolism/imagery used is the staircase itself. Defying gravity, it freely floats in the room with no connection to the ground of the main floor. Since it is also panelled in light maritime pine on the inside it draws in the light and becomes a landmark in the room as well as attracts the view and curiosity, subtly leading the visitor upstairs.









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A freely floating staircase that defies gravity at Bazar Noir by Hidden Fortress

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