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One Kleomenous: a digitally created facade landscape in Athens

One Kleomenous is a revolutionary new concept of a living space that was created based on cutting edge design and construction techniques and technologies. The investors and architects shared adoration for the beautiful hill of Lycabettus has been the driving force behind the creation of an innovative building typology.

On the city end of the plot, a vertical direct adjacency with an existing building instructed the architects to continue upon its form with a simple planar surface. The neighbouring with the city fabric was further honoured by using plain stucco, one of the city’s most popular materials. On the forest end of the plot, the harsh volumes of the cantilevered balconies, almost touched by the trees and plantation of the forest, needed to be geometrically manipulated in order to adopt to the fluid forms of the hill.

Omniview digitally created a facade landscape by assigning natural morphing transition volumes between the blocky balcony forms. They then sliced it up in multiple consequent sections to the creation of their cladding system members. They added no extra volume to the building, but unified the existing ones to the creation of a natural looking geometry.

The choice of Travertine marble was in fact very rational: they needed a material that matches in colour the characteristic beige stones which are the main building block for all of Lycabettus’s retaining walls. From the beginning of the project, the intensity of the building’s visual relationship with the Acropolis had marbles on the architects’ moodboard. Travertino was a perfect match in colour, but also a material that communicates very intensively its non artificial status due to its porous nature. Moreover, it is a very popular material in the surrounding areas 70’s modernist style condo developments.

The inner building’s skin colour has been carefully selected to match the colour of soil. The glass balusters have been selected to be extra reflective and thus carry the image of the sky and the trees around them. In general, the material pallete of the whole building was designed to refer to Omniview’s innate aesthetic conception of Attica’s indigenous landscape: its made of soil, stone and sky.





Info © Omniview

Photo credit © Omniview, Dimitris Graffin

One Kleomenous: a digitally created facade landscape in Athens

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