luni, 5 august 2013

The Musket Room

 The Musket Room is a beautiful fine dining restaurant serving NZ inspired food in Noho, Manhattan. It was designed by the talented Alexander Waterworth firm in London.









 About the designers

Alexander Evangelou: having studied product design specialising in furniture, Alexander was offered the opportunity to exhibit a series of pieces of his work, which drew the attention of number of top designers. Following the exhibition Alexander took up a position at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. Progressing within the company Alexander moved from furniture designer to interior architect, cultivating a unique ability to understand these overlapping fields. During his six year tenure at the company Alexander worked on high-end commercial and residential projects both in London and abroad, including The Club at the Ivy and Le Caprice NY.

James Waterworth has a unique take on interiors with his passion for decorative antiques and furniture, combined with his knowledge on commercial and residential interiors. He trained originally in antiques and set design before following his passion in Interior Design at the prestigious KLC. James went onto work on a diverse mix of projects, both in the UK and America where he was fortunate enough to travel the world sourcing some of the most beautiful antiquities around.

Photography by Emily Andrews

Info via Alexander Waterworth

The Musket Room

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