joi, 21 august 2014

Fendi Milan Showroom & Press HQ by Marco Costanzi

The longest catwalk in Milan is just one of the striking elements of Fendi’s new Milanese showroom and press headquarters, designed by Marco Costanzi Architects. Acquiring a century-old building that was originally built as a major steelworks, the Italian maison set out to create a space that reflected attributes of craftsmanship and raw materiality moreso than ‘luxury’.

The site’s large-scale industrial architecture informed the mood of the design as well as the materials used by the architects, who preserved the strong energy of the original space in the building’s new incarnation.

Glass display cases that present iconic pieces from the Fendi archives decorate the space, while freestanding work areas are created by black metallic-mesh walls that can easily be moved to open a dramatically expansive event space capable of accommodating a crowd of 1200 for the label’s runway shows.


Article via Frame Web

Fendi Milan Showroom & Press HQ by Marco Costanzi

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