luni, 18 august 2014

Tula House by Patkau Architects

Situated on a cliffside, 44 feet above the Pacific waterfront, Canadian-based Patkau Architects have completed the ‘Tula House’ located on the remote Quadra island in British Columbia.



Patkau Architects: “Views to the east stretch over the open water and islands of the strait of Georgia to the mountain ranges on the mainland of British Columbia. Views to the south overlook a small tidal basin. Moss covered basalt hills are interspersed among treed expanses and richly vegetated crevices, valleys and swales. Stands of red alder and big-leafed maple enliven the predominantly dark fir forest. The beach below the house is littered with the flotsam and jetsam of the ocean where logs and rocks have been tossed around by the tides and storms like a child’s game of pickup sticks.”













All Images © James Dow / Patkau Architects

Tula House by Patkau Architects

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