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From the catwalk to the sidewalk

Sailor City Dressing / Jean Paul Gaultier / KUNSTHAL / Rotterdam 2013

Last February an exhibition by the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier opened at the KUNSTHAL in Rotterdam. For the past few months Studio VOLLAERSZWART has been developing SAILOR CITY DRESSING. Inspired by Rotterdam’s harbour and Gaultier’s famous blue and white sailor stripe motif, VOLLAERSZWART spent the last few weeks literally dressing the city in sexy striped corsets.

From the Central Station to the Kunsthal via the Westersingel hundreds of columns, poles, and trees were laced-up in tailor-made corsets. The Buttplug Gnome, the Witte de Withstraat, the Nationale Nederlanden building, Rotterdam Info, City Hall, the Westzeedijk, the Santos building, and the Cruise Terminal in the South were all not spared. At De Bijenkorf there’s a pop-up shop and a beautiful window display personally unveiled by Jean Paul Gaultier. And last but not least, the highlight; the Euromast was also fitted with a striped outfit. The City Dressing and of course the spectacular exhibition at the Kunsthal are on show until 12 May 2013.




















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From the catwalk to the sidewalk

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