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YellLow Band new Official Video: Scream feat Kluster

Yelllow is an electro-pop band that consists of Andi (keyboard, samples & FX), Luiza (vocals), Radu (bass), Alex (drums) and Andrei (on stage guitar).

On 1st of January 2010, Andi and Bogdan Diaconeasa got toghether and decided to make a mad mix out of the ongoing battle between analog and digital music. They grew into a three piece once Didi Dudaievici joined the band in the summer of ’10. By the beginning of `11 Didi and Bogdan left the band to be replaced by Luiza Popescu and Radu Anghel. Later in 2012 came along Alexandru Alexe.

Yelllow is a fusion between two opposing concepts, yell (digital, sharpness) and low (bass, down tempo) , and also the bright, optimistic, happy, dynamic sound of the color it represents.

The band is located as genre somewhere in the range of electronic music (includes dozens of stylistic fusions from danceable grooves to music like chillout and other areas) , trip-hop, experimental, pop, alternative.

So far the band’s first song release “Naive” (vocals by Didi, bass by Bogdan) was of great success, ranked second place on Radio Guerrilla’s TopShow and got the attention of a couple of producers and remixers.

At the moment Yelllow is focusing on the upcoming concerts and planning to make an album in the near future + other surprises along the way.

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YellLow Band new Official Video: Scream feat Kluster

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