sâmbătă, 11 mai 2013

Object 12-1 by Matija Čop

themag: We present the work of Matija Cop, student of Fashion Design at the Faculty

of Textile Design of the University in Zagreb. His latest collection Object 12-1, realized

with the help of Jasminka Koncic, explores the qualities and architectural applications

of the material, which is used to literally build sculpture silhouettes. The garments were

created with a laser cutter and a set of tools called “plug and feather” used for the

construction of buildings. For the production of the mini collection, which lasted three

months, the designer was inspired, in the inventive use of the material, by the Cathedral

of St. James in Sibenik, Croatia, entirely made of stones.

 Images via dezeen

Object 12-1 by Matija Čop

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