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Manon Wethly - Flying Liquids

 Manon Wethly describes herself as photographer/designer, serial instagrammer, geeky adventurer, inventor of flyingstuff  and polaroidist.

She says she has her roots set in design, studying architecture, graphic design, illustration and photography. Having had the opportunity of starting as an all-round junior designer at a renowned design agency and finishing her career there, as head of design, she had all the baggage she needed to go her own way, and start a concept driven design studio for herself, Hectica, boiling more than water since 2005. Her eyes are now more than ever set on photography though, with big plans, enlarging her take in the creation or capture through a lens.

About the Flyinfstuff Project:

“My flying stuff images basically started out as Instagram posts. It is absolutely fascinating to see what kind of shape an object or liquid gets when it is ‘flying’. Clicking at exact the right second most often brings the most spectacular and surprising results. Most of them are shot with iPhone but I started to practice with bigger guns too.”

 Chateau Migraine or how to enjoy the wine without the headache

Liquid collision 

 ”Oh you think you can fly? Grab a seat and hold that pack of milk please. What do you mean, you are sitting front row for a floating catastrophe? Just stay out of the wind and you’ll be fine! While other early birds catch a worm, me and miPhone will grab a coffee to go! Up in the air! For those who don’t believe their eyes: I take your candy and will throw it upward. And while changing costume, I will snap it, click it and capture the new form it takes while floating. Same goes for my sneakers.”

 Milky Way

 Breakfast of a Cereal Killer




 O.J. explosion

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Manon Wethly - Flying Liquids

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